The Wall

Behind our garage there is a concrete wall. 
There’s something about concrete that mulberries 
do not like. Our neighbor carefully built the wall, 
concrete blocks stacked one on one, 
held together by cement.  He did not want our wildness 
to slide into his tameness, I suppose. 

And for a while, it held, 
but I have noticed our mulberry bushes 
pushing themselves between the blocks 
like slow moving snakes, 
pushing through miniature caves, 
wedging themselves in the concrete border 
he has created between us and him.  

Our berries are delicious.  
So sad, he wants to keep them out.


Carolyn Vargo is a mother, grandmother and friend first. She loves nature, especially bird walks.  She retired from teaching French and English in the Milwaukee and West Allis School Districts. She still volunteers and tutors in Milwaukee. She is a member of the Urban Echo Poets.