Almost half of U.S. adults have seen a family member jailed, study shows

The Washington Post, December 6, 2018

It goes without saying
these jailed family members
are mostly men.
The economics of late
stage capitalism
has been more effective
than a hoard of feminazis
in turning the patriarchy
on its head.
Male bodies feed
ravenous private prisons.
These days opioids
are the opium of the masses—
the masses having mostly given
up on Mass.
Would Marx have appreciated
this efficiency?
Escape-isms are affordable,
offered up through back channels
or commercialized
even as they are criminalized.
My father.
My brother.
My husband.
All landed in jail.
Women are left
to work, feed the family,
fret, and write poems
that don’t feel much like poetry.


Sylvia Cavanaugh teaches high school cultural studies and has advised breakdancers and poets. She is interested in how cultures move through place and time.  A Pushcart Prize nominee, her poems have appeared in various periodicals and anthologies. She is a Contributing Editor for Verse-Virtual and has published two chapbooks.