Time to Panic

“The planet is getting warmer in catastrophic ways. And fear may be the only thing that saves us.”

The New York Times Op Ed by David Wallace-Wells, 2/17/19

Feedback loop: as in taking hand-held mic not grounded
and getting zapped, that loop. They’re warning about CO2!

Feedback loop as in burning of buried fossil fuels that release
graveyards into our air while throwing off ever more CO2,

or burning bituminous coal releasing more and more of this
gray odorous death, replacing the oxygen in air with CO2.

Feedback loop as in drought dried trees engulfed within flame,
then expired, now no longer absorbing it, but exhaling CO2.

or warming oceans that create swirling vertical winds, birthing
el nino hurricanes that down more trees that won’t absorb CO2,

or huge bulldozers roaring through rain forests to lay ever more
concrete that chokes-off earth’s green lungs that take out the CO2.

Feedback loop as in melting of the polar ice cap and the never
unfrozen perma-frost throwing off centuries of this stored CO2.

Feedback loop as in harried climatologists yelling through hand-held
megaphones WARNING: grandbabies will get zapped too by CO2!

Patricia Carney

Patricia Carney

Patricia Carney is a member of WFOP; Published: WI Poets’ Calendar, WFOP Museletter, Blue Heron Review, Bards Against Hunger, WI Edition, East on Central, Poetry in the Prairie, Pure Slush and other on-line and print publications. Author of Two Chapbooks: Birdbrains, 2017, program titled, Birds and Bards, with Metro Audubon Society; To the Mus(ic), 2018.