You took the world by storm.

Your voice was soft and warm.

You found a group that could stir your soup,

That could absorb your exotic charm.

And then you grew to be

A boy named Mercury

Who took dynamite and a laser beam and made it into a Killer Queen

For all the world to see.

Your band played rock and roll

But infused it all with soul

And opera on occasion when your song surprised the nation

For six minutes taking its toll.

And though it was filled with pain,

Your life was the world’s gain.

When newspapers mock you, you play “We Will Rock You”

And everything’s better again.

Lee Trotta.jpg

Born in Kenosha, Lee earned a degree in geology at the UW-Madison. Lee spent his career defining, quantifying, and protecting the water resources of the Great Lakes Basin. He has published over 50 science articles and 2 children’s books. Lee acts with Sheboygan Theater Company and reads poetry around Sheboygan.