Faith in the News

Inspiration taken from the Book of Thirteen
Referencing Thai children plus centered coach
Each lost together; trapped, water entombed, baptism in fear
Inevitable emergence; though I lacked the faith to hope, to believe

That small congregation, massed together, maintained by Buddhist faith,
Inexplicably, spark rekindled within myself, a kernel of perhaps
For I could not have lasted had I been one of the chosen
My anticipation, no illumination without light at tunnels exit

Weighing the chances of survival, odds so very skewed
Demise by active choice, or death later, starving beside those chosen
Silently saying something of my character
My decision, wrong in retrospect

This was a true story of faith - in the news
Thirteen were lucky that July day, I understand
Thirteen tied a knot and hung on, I attempt empathy
Thirteen believed; perhaps, they even knew, I remain in the dark of my cave

As I, on the other side of a world, feel disconnectedly connected
Remembering to an earlier time, a parochial time
When, but a very young boy, parish raised, daily in church
Believing, praying, confessing often - for I was that sort of boy

Yet, between that memory and now, I, never tempted, caved
Though the pressure miniscule in comparison to the boys in that gloom
So, I am once again spiritually confused, unsure of the outcome …
If I had remained beside my internal coach, would I likely be saved today?

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson is a retired MPS Science Teacher, National Writing Project Grant Recipient and Participant, Facilitator for Better Health at Your Fingertips Through Writing, Poetic Moments, and occasionally Poetry Pals at the Oneida County Senior Center.  Past member of the Urban Echoes Poetry Group at the Riverside Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee. WFOP member.