Other Versions

Musings on the Many Worlds Theory

Are there other versions of me
populating the galaxy?
Do I live in parallel times,
contemplating synchronal rhymes?

Do all of me appear the same—
same height, same weight, same slender frame?
Are some of me robust or frail?
Is each of me distinctly male?

Is each life lived what this one seems,
a compromise of time and dreams?
Have I found love in each milieu
with other versions sweet as you?

If other versions do exist,
in worlds as vast and full as this,
what I’ve found here I hope is there:
this version of the life we share.

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Mike Orlock is a retired high school teacher and author of two recent collections, You Can Get Here from There: Door County Poems & Other Places and Poetry Apocalypse & Selected Verse. A father of two and grandfather of five, he has been married for 45 years to his best friend Liz, living the dream in beautiful Door County.