At night the possibilities come out like stars
our hands are sculpted perfectly by candlelight
our veins flow strong and flawlessly
returning us in wonder
to our hearts

At night we see
no reason in the dark to doubt
that we may have or do or be
the moon is ours without our asking
the courage to want more
floats in trees like cricket dreams
in weaving streams of whippoorwills

At night we call
all pieces of ourselves home to the nest
we gather close
beneath the safe and darkly feathered breast
we breathe one breath to sing one song
unfinished yet
into the night

Jody Murad Curley.jpeg

Jody Murad Curley is a Madison native who is a teacher of tai chi chuan and chi kung, an ordained interfaith minister within the Universal Sufi tradition, a retired dementia care specialist, and a poet whenever life and her two cats allow.