Mind the Gap

The sign in the London subway charmed me,
It echoes now,
Mind the gap —
The space in my mind which blocks
The quick recovery of words,
The distance between right brain and left brain,
Left brain fading, write it down and
Mind the gap.

Time recedes, friends recede
My colleagues in the work of my life recede —
The distance is mere miles
I love them still
They appear in my dreams,
But I don’t reach out — I must
Mind the gap.

My old life fades —
The distance is a ravine, then a dale, then a valley;
Echoes do come back to me
Sometimes one can only mind the gap
By remembering.
Echoes tell me that I did mind the gap
And found myself.

Jackie Martindale.jpg

A long-time high school English and speech teacher, poet and artist, Jacqueline Martindale coordinated the state Poetry Out Loud for the Wisconsin Arts Board for twelve years. Now in the third chapter of her life, she hopes to read, write and paint more.  She is an advocate of the reading, writing and performing of poetry. She lives in Sun Prairie pondering her next move.