How to Solve the Problem

Send thoughts and prayers —
lock up crazy losers.

Life has a time when winter
runs too far into spring,
when the taste of living is bitter.   

Cross the black hole’s border line
where resentment intensifies,
where fear and frustration curdle
thicken to anger
where even the slightest shard of light
can’t escape the pull.

Send thoughts and prayers —
lock up crazy losers

None pound their breasts 
in Old-World gestures of self-censure
mea culpa, mea maxima culpa — 
of remorse for inaction
of failure to act.                              

Send thoughts and prayers —
lock up crazy losers,

 ignore the basic problem. 

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Patricia Williams’ poetry appears in publications including Midwest Review, Poetry Quarterly, Third Wednesday, Woodland Pattern and a chapbook, The Port Side of Shadows  published by Finishing Line Press. Her collection, Midwest Medley, published by Kelsey Books, was awarded Outstanding Title for Wisconsin Poetry in 2018 by the Wisconsin Library Association.