Enjambment (inserting a strategic line break) must have purpose and is not to be arbitrarily employed.

The Hidden Rules of Free Verse Poetry, Ruth Gilbo

Thirty years ago at thirty-three
I'd never have predicted this

version of me—my living room
a diorama of five granddaughters

in various stages of play
or study, my wife of forty-two

years and counting, devotedly
moving to each like stations of the cross

to minister to their needs
in the natural course of nurturing, the dog

sprawled in the middle of this melee
of multiple movements and mess

like a misplaced comma punctuating
a run-on sentence whose phrases

and clauses seemingly make no sense
until parsed in a moment of pause

as I measure out the metrics
of how I have arrived at this

particular place in the text
of a life unedited or revised

but blessedly, unexpectedly

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Mike Orlock is a retired high school teacher and author of two recent collections, You Can Get Here from There: Door County Poems & Other Places and Poetry Apocalypse & Selected Verse. A father of two and grandfather of five, he has been married for 45 years to his best friend Liz, living the dream in beautiful Door County.