For Anna

She is curious as the light that touches her.

From a computer in Wisconsin
my daughter guides a telescope in Australia,
travels the universe beyond the Milky Way

through black matter to the beginning of time,
to the birth of light, floating like the Hubble
past stars named, and yet-to-be-named.

She locates Andromeda, a galaxy
two million light years away,
a distance beyond understanding.

Like Henrietta Leavitt who mapped
pulsing stars in a far-off sky,
daughter probes further and beyond,  

capturing the dust
of thought and idea,
the stuff of creation.

Astronomer, mathematician,
photographer, artist,
she searches science in silence,

daughter of the heavens, like Andromeda.

Annette Grunseth-head shot-009.jpg

 Annette Langlois Grunseth, author of Becoming Trans-Parent: One Family’s Journey of Gender Transition is a pushcart prize nominee and has published widely in journals and anthologies. Recent poems have appeared in Poets to Come Walt Whitman’s 200th Birthday Anthology, and From Everywhere a Little: A Migration Anthology. Learn more at