Dreamt of in the age of Goethe and Haydn,
speculated upon as if an imaginary friend,
you beckoned to us,
an enigmatic and invisible siren.

At long last, we meet.
Obliquely, it seems.
Linking telescope upon telescope
we have fashioned an event horizon,
an Eye of Providence,
and sacrificed mystery
to capture an image
of your very nothingness.

A galaxy of light spills into
your unquenchable blackness
revealing you in silhouette.
Is there a solitude
more formidable than your own?

Rebecca Spurlock.jpg

Rebecca Spurlock lived in Nashville, Tucson, Austin and Cincinnati before moving to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, some thirty years ago. She gives thanks daily for all that manages to go right in the world. Her current projects include a novel and a memoir about growing up in the deep South.