Hide and Seek

You are my only brother, 
which makes you the favorite one 
by default.

And you, 
being the younger of us two, 
in a house full of sisters,
With parents 
who had no idea 
how this family of bedlam 
and dysfunction came about, 
assigned your little pain in the ass 
responsibility to me,
To become my shadow my ward.

And I, 
your 12 year old loving mentor, 
endured the ass kickings 
caused by your stupid pranks, 
and made believe the 1 G.I Joe walkie-talkie 
they bought us at Christmas to share 
was as good as 2.

But with all that stuff, 
Hide and Seek
Was the most fun game
Between us two.

You could never find me,
But you were so easy.

I would search and inquire:
“Are you in here?”
And you would reply: “No.”

Then you pulled a fast one on me, 
When you suddenly disappeared
And found a really effin’ good place to hide.

You disappeared 
and made no sound.

I tossed the bait again,
But you didn’t bite. 

I have searched for years
But still can’t find you
To end this stupid game.

I give up.

Enough is enough.

“Come out, come out 
Wherever you are.”

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Gene James Gilbert was born in Chicago in 1949, has worked numerous jobs and lived in various places. He has had several poems, short stories, and one-act plays published and performed. He presently resides and writes in Baraboo, Wisconsin.