Distant Perspective

The universe of one,
the galaxy of me,
assumes a gravity ten times
its mass and becomes
a personal black hole
sucking in everything near
taking on the cloak of
a cosmological death star.
But when I lift off
to see myself from afar
as a speck of dust among
a planet of six billion other
specks of dust
I become weightless
without gravity
then my all-consuming burdens
and self-inflicted problems
fall away almost like
they were never there.

Jim Landwehr.jpg

Jim has two book-length memoirs, Dirty Shirt and The Portland House. He also has four poetry collections, Thoughts from a Line at the DMV, On a Road, Written Life and Reciting From Memory. His nonfiction and poetry has been published in many different journals and anthologies. Jim is Poet Laureate for the Village of Wales, Wisconsin.