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Greetings from the Guest Editors

In the call for submissions we asked you to explore black holes and lacunae. The focus was intentionally broad to encourage maximum diversity — and we were not disappointed! Poems explored everything from Chopin to family photographs to the Many Worlds Theory to ant lions. Thank you all for your wonderful submissions — it was a pleasure to read them! We wish we could include them all here, but space constraints make that impossible.

The essays in this issue include a scientific article on black holes by Bob Bonadurer, Planetarium Director at the Daniel M. Soref Planetarium, and an essay by Mark Zimmermann exploring an aspect of poetry on the printed page that often goes unnoticed — white space.

The cover is the work of artist Katrin Talbot. She dries leaves and types lines of poetry onto them with a manual typewriter, which creates a stencil effect. Then, when she photographs them in sunlight, the poetry is visible from the lacunae in the leaf. The words on the cover are a line from one of Richard Roe’s poems, his light still shining through.

The publication of Bramble would not be possible without the tireless work of Christina Kubasta and Tori Grant Welhouse. A galaxy of thanks to them both!

We hope you enjoy this issue of Bramble as much as we have enjoyed being a part of it.

Guest Editors
Kim Parsons
Sheryl Slocum


Kim Parsons, of New Berlin, is an avid canoeist, hiker, reader and Scrabble player who is passionate about exploring the natural and metaphysical worlds. After earning a BA in Comparative Literature, she returned for an MBA in Systems Analysis and Design, and has worked in software development and business valuation. Her writing has appeared in various small press publications as well as Canoe and Kayak magazine.


Sheryl Slocum’s childhood in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and on the high range of Wyoming instilled in her a love for the stars and for the hard bones of Earth beneath her feet. Now living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she appreciates the few stars she can see on clear nights and the glacier-shaped land and lakes. A linguist, Sheryl teaches English as a second language and studies grammar. Her poetry has appeared in numerous small press venues.

Cover Art.JPG


Katrin Talbot


[Editor’s Note] Bramble’s cover image consists of a few lines from Richard Roe’s poetry, selected by Lynn Patrick Smith, shared with Katrin Talbot. Below, Katrin discusses her inspiration and process.

Artist Statement from Katrin Talbot:

When I was invited to read poetry at a flower farm’s bouquet workshop, I thought it would be nice to gift the participants a poem. Which led me to think of writing on bark or leaves. So I thought of this little exquisite Emily D:

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee.
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.

I tried typing onto leaves in various states of being pressed. I came up with the ideal drying time for typing texture and was delighted that the typewriter etched each letter on the leaf. For the cover photograph, I taped the leaf to a wire music stand and shot beneath it to get the sky coming through the letters. I was thrilled to type some lines of Richard Roe’s to honor his passing. Richard was an early mentor of mine and I will always be grateful to him for showing me poetry paths.

Beloved poet and longtime WFOP member, Richard Roe, passed away on July 6, 2019.

His fourth poetry book, Song, Tango, and Jazz, is due out this fall from Fireweed Press. Filled with singing, dancing, and all that jazz, it is a fitting curtain call for Richard’s poetic talent.

katrin talbotak.jpg

Australian-born Katrin Talbot is a photographer, poet, and violist who often combines these three areas. Her photography has appeared in The New York Times, and she has recently presented multimedia concerts of her collaborative work in New York City, Miami, and Bucharest. A coffeetable book of her photographs, a photo essay of Schubert's Winterreise published by the University of Wisconsin Press, won a national American Library Association 'Best of the Best of University Presses' award. Her music-related photography has been used by the Metropolitan Opera, the Boston Symphony, the San Francisco Opera, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, Lincoln Center, and has appeared in many newspapers, magazines and literary journals. Her latest chapbook, The Blind Lifeguard was just released from Finishing Line Press.

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There is There There

By Mark Zimmermann

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Shedding Light on the Black Hole

Bob Bonadurer

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Web Exclusive

Deep Space Photography

Photographs by Anna Kari Grunseth

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