My Kitchen is for Dancing

My kitchen is for dancing,
the garden is for naps.
The sewing room’s for sitting
with dollies on our laps.

The tub is always splashing,
the sink—it overflows!
We love to feel the water there
squish between our toes.

The bedroom is for snoozing
and dreaming wild and free.
The yard is where we send up kites
as high as you can see.

The pantry is for hiding
the things we like to eat
so look behind the broccoli
to find a special treat.

The laundry’s full of all the clothes
that surely need a wash.
The vines that run around the fence
are making yellow squash.

But every time I need a place
to call my very own
I curl up in my picture book
and stay there all alone.

Until I pop back out again
to maybe take a chance
that someone in the kitchen
will take my hand to dance!

D. Monthei Manske

D. Monthei Manske

Grand-daughter Hazel’s love of The Oxcart Man as a tiny child—just listening to the sound of the words—opened up Donald Hall’s work to Deb, demonstrating a poet can also tell wonderful stories encouraging her to write both. In the Lucky Spaces is her memoir.