Like a Child with a Crayon

From this comfy cabin base,
we meander off on day trips,
find a lakeshore to wander,
or trek out and back
on new-found paths in a pine forest,
anywhere the spirit next beckons.

We accumulate more memories.
We attempt to partially preserve,
in photos or poems,
some of the viewed beauty,
the perceived awe,
only to return, rest, regroup.
On later days we often launch off
on new circuitous tracks.

Isn’t it much like
a child drawing a flower
with loopy oval petals—
colored crayons adventuring out,
energetically leaving their marks,
but ever returning,
drawn back to the center?

Ann M. Penton

Ann M. Penton

Ann is a long-time WFOP member, presently in Arizona after many years in Northwest Wisconsin.  Her poems have received awards in contests in both states.  Most recent publications include Haiku Society of America’s Annual Members’ Anthologies, WFOP Poets’ Calendars, Goose River Anthologies, and Sandcutters (Arizona State Poetry Society journal).