If Water

If water were music
                It would use its many voices
                Together, in chorus;
                The roaring bass of a waterfall
                Or the soprano of a stream,
                Percussion by hail, rain, or crashing wave
                Or in strings riding the wind. 

If water were dance
                It would float gracefully
                As a snowflake on a light breeze,
                Or leap and bound
                As the lightest of hailstones;
                It would run down a stream
                Trailing a garment of white lace.

If water were amusement
                It would swirl leaves
                On the carrousel of an eddy pool;
                It would channel lightning
                Into fantastic patterns
                Or bend the light of sun and moon
                Into glorious arcing rainbows. 

If water were emotion
It would be an angry sea
Or a laughing brook
Troubled, or calm, or
Sullen as a cloud
Then icy or steamy
Or warmly inviting.

If water were magic
                It would form intricate crystal designs
                In the air and on windows
                Assume the shape of any container
                Become solid, liquid, or gas
                Then, as a finale, all three
                In the same time and place!

 If water were balm
               It would heal the ache
                Of lips parched by sun
               It would spark life and color
               In a weary desert landscape
                Or bring life to a barren rock
                As it circles its star.

Robert Stetson

Robert Stetson

Robert Stetson is a visual thinker and avid photographer whose poetry draws upon his love of nature and all things mechanical (how does it work/fit together), his training in the fine arts (Sculpture and Jewelry Metal-smithing), and, of course, life experiences.