Backyard Intruder

Finch, nuthatch, chickadee,
Sparrows by the score,
Cardinal and blue jay
Grey squirrel, blackbird and more 

Lining up for suet,
Risking life and pecks,
When dreaded falcon’s talons clutch
Vulnerable, feathered necks

This fiend preys without pausing
At neighbor’s well stocked feeder
And disappears into the woods
To feast high in the cedars

Phyllis Beckman

Phyllis Beckman

Phyllis Beckman, enjoying her retirement years in Onalaska, Wisconsin, is grateful for opportunities offered by the libraries, colleges, universities, theaters and art gallery in the La Crosse area.  Located near Lake Onalaska and surrounded by beautiful bluffs, she finds inspiration in the everyday to write a daily poem.