Calling Names

Within the deepest shadows of the forest
sedges and mushrooms have names
They talk in their quiet ways
to the lichen and moss

telling stories of carpenter ants
marching over and through
on their way to the fallen hickory
that lies on higher ground

and the ovenbird
planting gooseberry seeds in the clearing

and the fox
who burrows near the large oak

and hunts the mouse
hiding in the tall grass in the flat plain

They call each of them by name
Red and White and Gray and Big Blue
showing respect
as best friends or good neighbors might do

Mary “Ray” Goehring

Mary “Ray” Goehring

Mary “Ray” Goehring was born and raised in Wisconsin, travelled extensively, worked a variety of jobs and feels like she has always been writing poetry. She is retired and now spends summers in her Central Wisconsin prairie and winters in the East Texas Pineywoods.