Bards Against Hunger (Wisconsin Edition)

The anthology, Bards Against Hunger
(Wisconsin Edition), is now available.

Bards Against Hunger 1.jpg

Bards Against Hunger, founded in 2013, is a National Project dedicated to using poetry to help feed the hungry.

This year, for the first time, the project has published a book of poems comprised exclusively of Wisconsin poets. The proceeds from book sales will be donated to various food banks and homeless shelters around Wisconsin. Several readings will also take place to benefit specific organizations working with the hungry and homeless.

Forty-four Wisconsin poets are included in the anthology, most if not all of them are WFOP members.

Here’s an example poem from the anthology:

Walk from the Subway at Prospect Park

 Rising from the train
I see your coat mud-streaked and stained
eyes haunted by a distant past.
You speak in tongues.
Beside you a ragged mutt reclines,
the animal a sponge for your oration.
I pass by you in silence
studying the pavement,
looking anywhere

— Susan Twiggs

You can get your copy of this anthology by sending a check for $15 ($12 for the book + postage) to Ed Werstein, 1732 N. Prospect Ave. #908, Milwaukee, WI 53202. For more information you can email Ed at