WFOP Annual Sponsored Contests

WFOP sponsors four annual poetry contests:

  1. Chapbook Contest for chapbooks published by Wisconsin poets

  2. Muse Prize, open to all Wisconsin poets (you do not need to be an WFOP member)

  3. Student Contest for Wisconsin middle and high school students

  4. Triad Contest, open only to WFOP members

Deadline: January 12, 2019 ** Now Closed **
Guidelines & How to Enter
2019 Student Contest Poster PDF

Deadline: February 1, 2019 ** Now Closed **
Open to Members and Non-Members Starting September 1, 2018
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This Year’s Judge

Deadline: February 1, 2019 ** Extended February 4, 2019 **
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This Year’s Judge

Poet's Choice Award | Theme Award | Kay Saunders Emerging Poet Award
Theme: History
Submission Period: June 1 - August 15, 2019
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2018 Results


Eric Nelson judged the 69 entries in the Poets’ Choice category.

  • 1st place: Crystal Spring Gibbins for “Lake Sturgeon”

  • 2nd place: Gary Haren for “Louie's Place”

  • 3rd place: Martha Kaplan for “West Fork of the Kickapoo River”

  • 1st H.M.: Judy Kolosso for “Her Last Pocketbook”

  • 2nd H.M.: Andrea Potos for “Some Questions on Ireland, After”

  • 3rd H.M.: Joyce M. Latham for “Eurydice”

Anita Skeen judged the Kay Saunders Memorial New Poet category. There were 30 entries.

  • 1st Place: Marilyn Windau for “Undisturbed”

  • 2nd Place: William McConnell for “White Dinner Jacket”

  • 3rd Place: R Chesney for “Homecoming for the Ages”

  • 1st H.M.: Ed Block for “Nature’s Due”

  • 2nd H.M.: Gene James Gilbert for “Crosswords”

  • 3rd H.M.: Mary C. Rowin for “At the Oriental Pharmacy, Six Blocks from Lake Michigan”

Steve Klepetar judged the 66 entries in the theme contest for the theme, Small Talk.

  • 1st Place: Sandra J. Lindow for “Darning”

  • 2nd Place: Crystal Spring Gibbins for “Re: Wild”

  • 3rd Place: Maryann Hurtt for “Smitten”

  • 1st H.M.: Mary C. Rowin for “Only Connect”

  • 2nd H.M.: William McConnell for Jairus’ Daughter

  • 3rd H.M.: Kathryn Gahl for “Two Fireflies”


1st Place: James A. Gollata for “In Viaggio”
2nd Place Thomas J. Erickson for “November”
3rd Place: Karen Loeb
1st H.M.: Ed Werstein for “realchristiansanonymous”
2nd H.M.: Fabu P. Carter for “Arriving Free in Wisconsin, the Green Land”
3rd H.M.: Barbara Germiat for “Where I’m From”


Grades 9-12:

First Prize:  “The Cost of War,” Sunshine Lee, 10th Grade, Sheboygan North High School, Sylvia Cavanaugh, teacher.
Second Prize:  “The Cherry Tree,” Alessia Fedeli, 12th Grade, Arrowhead Union High School, Hartland, WI, Elizabeth Jorgensen, teacher.
Third Prize:  “walk,” Isabel Barth, 11th Grade, Arrowhead Union High School, Hartland, WI, Elizabeth Jorgensen, teacher.
Honorable Mention:  “One Little Duck,” Beth Gannigan, 12th Grade, Coleman High School, Sarah Thomas, teacher.
Honorable Mention:  “merely me. Poetess,” Tylee Seebantz, 11th Grade, Greendale High School, David Freitag, teacher.

Grades 6-8:

First Place:  “Cerebrus,” Eliza Donohoo, 6th Grade, homeschooled, Solon Springs, WI.
Second Place:  “The Flower That Will Never Fade,” Suzette Spott, 8th Grade, Slinger Middle School, Paul Walter, teacher.
Third Place:  “Oceans That Blend to Lakes,” Erica Rosner, 6th Grade, Slinger Middle School, Paul Walter, teacher.
Honorable Mention:  “Blind to Our Gift,” Kendra Burbach, 7th Grade, Platteville Middle School, Jacquelyn England, teacher.
Honorable Mention:  “An Owl in Outer Space,” Avalon FischerBuchli, 8th Grade, homeschooled, New London, WI.

2018 Muse Prize

Winning Poems