Angeline Haen

Angeline Haen
6337 County Road S
Sobieski, WI  54171

Angeline Haen was raised on a small dairy farm in Sobieski, Wisconsin, where the love of the earth and all things of nature collected in her heart. Through her participation in the Native American community in her later years, she learned how to nurture a relationship with all that surrounds her. She and her husband Andy steward a forty-five acre hobby farm and tend to the needs of four beehives. They are both actively involved in the lives of their two children, Sophie who is seventeen, and Peter who is fourteen.

Angeline attended a week-long writer’s workshop facilitated by Writing Consultant and author, Julie Tallard Johnson, at the 2014 Write by the Lake conference in Madison, Wisconsin. She also participates in a local women’s writing circle facilitated by Writing Specialist and author, Sandra Shackelford. In 2015 two of her poems were published in the Wicwas publication entitled Safe To Chew.


Sweet Wisdoms (Shanti Arts Publishing, 2017) BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth.  Books are available through
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Love Blooms

When I lay on the field’s colored blanket
ask me about sacred romance
between bee and flower. What inner call to unity draws them together.
Take to the sky. Find the flowers.

Return the gifts gathered in the brightest light,
to the sanctified hive’s deepest dark.
Ask me what the black light knows.

Listen to what the bees say. Creator's tiny helpers carry good medicine.
We know the nectar is there, unseen; and life buzzes by,
there all along, the sweetness collected in the spirit of the flower .
I say what the bee says: love blooms.

First appeared in Safe To Chew, a 2015 Wicwas Press anthology celebrating the honeybee

Between the Skins

Garter Snake left something behind,
a lacy sleeve
of his diamond design.
Soft and fragile,
thin as a whisper.

He breached restriction,
peeled it away.
hooked by the log
inside out and in one piece
the tissue print lay.

Trusting each twist, every turn
Surrendered to the struggle.
I wonder how that feels
to wholly leave behind
all that will not grow with you.

Wet flesh of newborn knowledge
understanding’s tender spiral.
Shedding is both
quiet and beautiful,
skin and tears alike.

Garter Snake and I
both have reached this place
where we can be
stretched no further—
stretched no further.

I looked for him
among dead leaves
and smooth grass.
Perhaps he sought deep refuge
in dense undergrowth.

Restless as the forces of creativity
Garter Snake can’t be held still
or tight for long.
When stirred hidden passion glows
like embers buried in ash.

In this place—between skins
all of me
wiggled free
by creative energy.
All of me free.

Here grow the light,
live in the sunfields
when you can be stretched no further
leave something behind—
leave something behind.