A Widow's Wish

Alessandra Foster

Hold fiercely to
this winter's night
that nestles like the softest snow
in the empty spaces of a life.

Close the blinds. Lock the doors.

All too soon spring's later light
will beckon outward
seducing with lilac breeze
and lavish promise,

opening doors and windows
bringing laughter from behind the hedge,
swift and piercing animal screams
from the nearby woods
all demanding engagement,
forcing dilution.  

By summer he'll be
part of the earth and sky and sea
and anyone who wants him.

Here, now, on winter nights
he's only mine
and harsh, relentless spring
you can furl forever
your sharpening claws.

 Alessandra Foster

Alessandra Foster

Alessandra Foster (Alessa), lifelong poetry reader and writer, attended a program featuring  three poets from The Widow's Handbook. One suggested she join a poetry writing group, resulting in gratitude to poet, group, and Bramble, for publication of her own "widow" poem.