2017 Triad Winners


There were 33 entries in the Kay Saunders Memorial New Poet category judged by M Wright.

Honorable mention

Erna Kelly for “Nourishment” 

Sharon Rook Daly for “Oil Can.”

3rd Place

Colleen Nehmer for “Snake Charmer”.

2nd Place  

Joyce M. Latham for “No”. 

1st Place

“Talking to Strangers” by Naomi Cochran



There were 67 entries in the theme category for the theme of Rules and/or Laws judged by Charles Hood.

Honorable Mention   

Janet Leahy  for “She Never Spoke of How She Died” 

Thomas J. Erickson for “The Presumption of Innocence” 

Bruce Dethlefsen  for “Ma Come Get Me (The Phone Slams)”

3rd place    

Emily Bowles for “A Daisy Chain for My Daughter”

2nd place   

Jeffrey Johannes for “My Mother Says” 

1st place     

Paula Schulz for “Remember the Sabbath Day by Keeping it Holy”



79 people entered the Poet’s Choice competition judged by Judith Vollmer.

Honorable Mention

Richard Roe for “Toward Evening”

Fabu P. Carter for “Arriving Free in the Green Land”

Sheryl Slocum for “Cemeteries”

3rd Place

Sharon Foley for “It’s Raining Outside”

2nd Place

Sandra J. Lindow  for “The Romance of Dragonflies”

1st Place    

Bruce Dethlefsen for “October Clouds of Door County”

A sampling of winning poems here