Stephanie (Steph) Kleckner

Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Area

I am an Aspiring Creative Writer and Poet currently residing in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin Area. I am a relatively recent St. Norbert College Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree. I have an English Major, Creative Writing Emphasis, and Geology Minor.

I am actively seeking Entry-Level employment in the Writing, Editing, or Publishing industry. I am pursuing a Creative Writer career path that has projects related to Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, or Journalism.

My ultimate professional goal is to obtain full-time employment that is not only more related to my field of study, but also where I can display my Creative Writing skills, while having the opportunity to work with International Literature.

I desire to work with diverse and open-minded individuals in an occupation that is related to my English Major. More specifically, I want to emphasis my Creative Writing Emphasis that I attained at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. To add to my diverse academic background, I have a Minor in Geology.

My interests range from Writing to Reading. I love to write poetry and short stories!  I am also interested in Running, Web Development, and Social Media. I am a fan of Music and Arts.

Senior English Major Portfolio,, May 2016, St. Norbert College Senior Major Portfolio: Created a Professional English Website with Online Writing Portfolio

Blog Created a Blog about My Creative Writing Class Writing Assignments and Creative Writing Skills

Final Manuscript for Experimental Study, "The Effect of Acne on Perceived Age and Personality", November 2015


Crash and burn

The Raven boys were driving home,
cruisin’ down the interstate I-95
after a hard-core strobe light party.
In their heads the celebration wasn’t over.
None of them were sober.

The music on the radio is blasting now:
Such fatal distractions enter their ears
As the bass makes the seats vibrate.
The liquid in their bellies shook,
a memento of the recently drunk beers.

They were a rowdy bunch:
singing and dancing inside the tightly-fitted vehicle.
The windows fogged up from the moist air.
We saw that there were lots of other cars
that were skidding on the icy road.

And we even saw one that was rolled over
lying helplessly in the snow-filled ditches.
No one took little notice of these red flags.
We were arrogant son-of-a-bitches
because of our brother-like invincibility.
Confidence-- we were bullet proof.
--Or so we thought.  

Tonight was a harsh mixture
of monstrous weather.
A blending of rain, snow, and ice
that made the road slick and slippery.
Poor visibility due to the darkness
fused with white blurry flakes.

It was around midnight.
The driver was speeding--
driving way too fast for these weather conditions.
A perfect epitome of reckless driving--
A nightmare just waiting to happen.

The driver is not watching the road
But is rather paying attention to his cell phone.
The driver slammed on the brakes
to avoid a collision--a violent impact.
A car horn blares. It screams in the silent night.

And then the driver swerved and lost control of the car.
The result was a head-on collision--
the most deadliest types of accidents.
High speeds, at night, bad weather
equals a recipe for disaster.

As the car ricocheted off a truck
and plowed into the guardrail,
the glass fragments exploded around us
as we were thrown around like we
were tiny-little nothings.
It was like gravity didn’t exist anymore
and we were playing with death.

Don’t you dare look out your window now
because everything is on fire.
The orange flames lick the night sky.
When the music is all gone,
It’s replaced with the flame’s hisses.

The car was upside down.
Shock enveloped our paralyzed bodies.
Blood drenched our clothing
and sprinkled the car’s interior.
One passenger has whiplash.
Another is thrown out of the vehicle,
and landed some distance away.

Along with the white, wet and cold snowflakes
Gently falling down from the sky,
The pure snow covers the ejected passenger
in a thin layer of white. It looks like a blanket:
A sick, false illusion of safety and security.

The car is totaled:
parts of metal twisted and bent.
Some in the car were shaken and unhurt.
A few were emotionally harmed,
but had no injuries, unhurt.
--And those were just the lucky ones.


Whispers in the dark.
Compose yourself.
Let go, let go.
No strings attached.
Hold on, hold on.
Show no emotions.
Hold on to me.
Detach, untwine, undone.
Indecisive memories.
Just a needle and thread:
fade and flow.
Mirrors, reflections, and parallelisms:
in the dark, they glow.
Lines, linear narratives:
as I dream the night away,
involving dark and daunting secrets.
My unconscious secrets play:
they unforgivingly seep out of me:
forbidden ruins.
Life is circular, round,
a cycle full of hidden lies,
distant alibis.
They tease and taunt
of a perfect flickering fantasy.
One that is recklessly wrong
but feels so ungodly right.
A spool of thread,
so simple, redefined lullabies.
You say my name in vain--
set fire to my desire
when I have no right
to shiver at your voice.
But what do I do:
what is my ultimate choice
when my feelings tend to extend
to something much more complex
and intricately designed?
I feel myself slipping:
caving in, convex.
I’m losing control again.
God help me.
I am so confused.
And don’t know what to do.
I’m caught up in his trap.
Wrapped up in his web:
like a helpless fly
stuck in a spider’s web.
I care for him too much.
I melt at his touch.
I can’t get enough.
Am I crazy, obsessed or just stupid?
Am I in love or is it just lust?
But how do I know what Truth is
when I can’t even make up my own mind?
Who do I trust?
Do what I must.
I try not to combust
as my dreams explode
and turn into ashes and dust.