Rosemary Gantz

Rosemary Gantz
4450 River Drive
Plover, Wisconsin 54467
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I’m working to publish my first collection of 50+ poems – mostly about social injustice.

I write primarily spoken word poetry, speeches and short non-fiction. Bio in brief…oldest child, born in Buffalo, New York, traveled the world as a military officer and to all 50 states as a purposeful adventurer, married my soulmate, grew lots of organic food and gave it away…and professionally work as an executive headhunter. 



Back Pain

I know why your back hurts
not the shoes or the job or a few bad turns
it’s the emotional pain you feel inside
from the life that you live since your parents died
its the weight of the world
that you think you can hide
but it’s all tied
up in the stuff that you buy
and keep in your house
all the treasures you hoard that make you feel safe
and protected by fear of a big empty space
that creates alone
a world you can't take
so fill up the rooms with stuff that can buffer
and carry around from one place to another
the load
that comforts from the loss of a mother
its the weight of the world
you carry around on the bones of your body
so close to the ground
this is why your back hurts
letting go are the right words
to set you free
make you light
to lighten your load and end the wrong fight
don't be afraid to let go of the hurt …
the fear you feel is just of this earth
all is ok in the eternal world
so let it go
and your back won't hurt


Poor People Don’t Vote

Poor people don't vote
what's the difference why have hope
don't believe in anything
that doesn't stand in front of my face
changing my pace putting me in the race
what you gonna do or say
won’t change my day my play my way
my vote won’t give me hope
just lose time from work vote for a jerk
parties make it hard to be real
for real
what’s at stake
what’s a delegate got over me
to rule over me my vote my hope
why stand in line all I do is stand in line
fight for what's mine
nothin' changes in my world or my mind
yeah poor people don't vote
no one cares if I do or don't
no one asks me what I think not what I really think
come to my house have a drink
see what my life makes you think
see what my eyes always see
you lookin' the other way not at people like me
that’s why poor people don't vote
we're never seen never heard don't want to hear
a word from people like me
you don't care that I don't vote
you do what you want anyway all the way every day
I go my way no matter what you say
that's why poor people don't vote
tomorrow is the same as yesterday
where I live
cuz poor people don't vote