Wisconsin Recitation Challenge

Join Wisconsin Poet Laureate Kim Blaeser in celebrating the art of poetry recitation. Participants should select a published poem by a poet they love and learn it "by heart." Then create a videotape of you reciting the poem from memory. Please introduce your poem with a sentence or two including the name of the poem and the poet, perhaps noting why the poem or poet is important to you, when you memorized the poem, or whatever else seems appropriate to a very brief introduction. Then send a good quality video submission of you reciting that poem to wipoetlaureate@gmail.com with the subject line “Submission Recitation Project” followed by your name (for example: Submission Recitation Project, Kimberly Blaeser).

In your email, include the name of the reciter, the title and author of the poem performed, and the location and date of the recitation. By submitting your video to this email address, you are giving permission to the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission to post your video and make it available for public viewing.*

Want to make this more interesting? Challenge friends and public figures to recite. Plan a gathering with a group in a public place and hold a recitation event! Or join a recitation event the Wisconsin Poet Laureate will hold in the coming months. Then submit the videos of individual recitations from your “poetry by heart” celebration.

Video submissions will be considered by an editorial committee. All acceptable submissions will be posted on an interactive map of Wisconsin and made available on the Wisconsin Poet Laureate webpage: http://www.wisconsinpoetlaureate.org/