Lit Mags

We share lit mags with which many of our members have had publishing success.

Alimentum Journal --Poems about food.

Architrave Press  -- “Committed to reclaiming poetry for non-poets. We believe accessible poems don’t have to be simplistic, boring or safe. All our poems are hand printed on fine paper using an antique Vandercook #4 letterpress at All Along Press in St. Louis, MO. Most poems are printed as individual pages which can be collected into reader-curated chapbooks or journals; a very few are printed as broadsides. By printing poems individually, each ‘card’ or ‘page’ is its own object. Pages can then be purchased individually so readers can put together their own journal or chapbook in the same way songs are sold on iTunes. Individual pages can be tucked into a greeting card, tacked up on a bulletin board, etc. We’ll also sell subscriptions so readers can automatically get all the poems in each ‘edition’ (10 poems each). Chapbooks and full sized books are hopefully in our future as well.”

Blue Collar Review -- Writing should reflect a progressive working class perspective. Name and address should appear on every page. SASE required for response. Send to Blue Collar Review, PO Box 11417, Norfolk VA 23517

Blue Heron Review -- An online poetry magazine specializing in mystical and spiritual verse. Blue Heron provides a space for poets who offer a positive message about living fully and engaging with the world through beauty, a sense of community, and acceptance. Our next open call for submissions (for the winter/2015 issue) is September 15–December 1st, 2014. All submissions will be read with great care. Responses will be sent out approximately 8-10 weeks after receiving a submission. Blue Heron welcomes submissions from new, emerging, and established writers. For a complete listing of our guidelines, please visit

Brawler Lit -- An online Midwestern magazine of prose, poetry and comics, is looking for submissions of Poetry, Short Stories, and Short Shorts for both its online magazine and its print Milwaukee-themed Contest. Winners of the contest will not be paid, BUT will be published in the Best of Milwaukee Anthology. For the Contest and Best of Milwaukee Anthology, Brawler is looking for writing about Milwaukee or from writers with strong connections to the area. For detailed guidelines please visit

Midwest Prairie Review -- Genres that will be considered are fiction, creative nonfiction, scriptwriting, poetry, short stories and visual art (including photography). Get complete submission guidelines and details at NB: $10 SUBMISSION FEE AND NO CONTRIBUTOR PAYMENT

The Nervous Breakdown -- “‘Spiral’ was published by The Nervous Breakdown, a zine that was not on my radar screen at all. I am Facebook friends with Uche Ogbuji, but I had no idea he was TNB poetry editor. He made a comment about a Facebook status I posted and I sent him the poem because I knew he was a poet and I liked his work and we had written together in a 30-poems-in-30-days challenge last year. When he asked if he could publish the poem in in TNB I had to look the zine up to see what it was all about. This one was a case of serendipity. ‘Spiral’ can be found at”

New Verse News -- Politically progressive poetry on current events and topical issues.Send previously unpublished poems in the body of an email (attach not!) to Use "Verse News Submission" as the subject line. Send a brief bio. No payment.

The Pedestal Magazine -- Some themed issues and guest editors; pays $40 per poem.

Portage Online -- Literary journal dedicated to promoting creative work from the upper Midwestern region. Run and edited by undergraduate students at Carroll University, we publish literary writing, art, music, film, and cultural commentary. Our goals are to promote conversation about the diversity offered by the region, foster growth within the upper Midwestern creative communities, connect upper Midwestern writers and artists to each other and the larger literary and artistic worlds, and explore what it means to live and create in the upper Midwest. Submissions are open from September 1st through December 1st. Questions? Contact

Right Hand Pointing -- Short, interesting poems.

The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review -- Website states that their purposes, for this print journal, are to “encourage and give voice to fine poets and artists. To move, delight, and humanize our readers. To support fresh ways of writing, understanding, and using poetry.” Sow’s Ear welcomes “submissions of fine poetry of any style and length,” and “want work that is carefully crafted, keenly felt, and freshly perceived.” Sow’s Ear likes “poems with voice, specificity, delight in language, and a meaning that unfolds.” What I find especially interesting about the journal is that they accept work from groups of poets, although they don’t always take every poet in a group’s work. Member Marilyn Annucci’s poem, “Ice,” recently appeared in Sow’s Ear. Catherine Jagoe has also published there. Send up to five poems with a brief bio and SASE. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, if you quickly inform them of acceptance elsewhere. Poems are eligible if they have never appeared in a magazine, and you hold rights. Send poems to: Kristin Camitta Zimet, Editor, 217 Brookneill Drive, Winchester, VA 22602.

Star*Line -- The journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, it publishes speculative (science-fiction, fantasy, horror) poetry only, and pays a minimum of $3 per poem.

Sun’s Skeleton -- A journal of new and interesting poetry produces limited release block print covers with hand-stitched bindings. From my review of the online issue I think they like slightly different, as in a little experimental, poetry, although the website says they don’t prescribe to any set aesthetic. Take a look, for yourself, before you submit. Submissions are accepted year long. Send 3-6 poems, using their online submission link (they only accept online submissions) and include your name, a note and information on how they can reach you.