Muse Contest Results

2014 Muse Prize Results

The 2014 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was awarded to Liz Rhodebeck, Menomonee Falls, for her poem “The Ripeness of Pears.” There were 77 entries. Rhodebeck received a $200 cash prize. The judge was Adrian C. Louis. Louis taught English at Pine Ridge’s Oglala Lakota College from 1984–1997; since 1999, he has taught in the Minnesota State University system. He has been widely anthologized and published more than a dozen books. His poems have been published in many of the leading literary magazines in America including The Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, The Antioch Review, The Nation, Chicago Review, The Missouri Review, Prairie Schooner, and The North American Review. He was awarded a Pushcart Prize and fellowships from the Bush Foundation, the South Dakota Arts Council, the Nebraska Arts Council, the National Endowment of the Arts and the Lila Wallace–Reader’s Digest Foundation.

Second Place: Karen Loeb, Eau Claire, “Manteno State Insane Asylum”

Third Place: Jane Kocmoud, Sheboygan, “The Nebraska Sky”

Honorable Mentions:

Sharon Foley, Whitefish Bay, “Cardiac Rotation”

Janet Leahy, New Berlin, “In the Land of the Dead”

2013 Muse Prize Results

The 2013 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was awarded to Yvette Viets Flaten, Eau Claire, for her poem “He calls from Afghanistan.” There were 75 entries. Flaten received an engraved crystal trophy and a $200 cash prize. The 2013 judge was Deborah Cooper, Poet Laureate of Duluth 2012–2014. Deborah Cooper has been writing poetry for 23 years and has been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies. One of her chapbooks, Between the Ceiling & the Moon, was published by Finishing Line Press as part of its New Women’s Voices Series. In 2005, Cooper teamed with other poets to write the anthology The Moon Rolls Out of Our Mouths. She also co-edited Beloved on the Earth: 150 Poems of Grief and Gratitude, published by Holy Cow Press. Deb and her husband Joel, who is a printmaker, have done several collaborative exhibits and projects.

 Second: Georgia Ressmeyer, Sheboygan, “Leading a Life”

Third: Alice D’Alessio, Middleton, “Taking Down the Lights”

Honorable Mentions:

Sharon Foley, Whitefish Bay, “I believed that night at Veterans Hospital”

Sarah Rose Thomas, Green Bay, “Practice”

Catherine Jagoe, Madison, “On Seeing Anna Karenina”

2012 Muse Prize Results

The 2012 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was awarded to Judith Harway, Shorewood, for her poem “Swimming in the Sky.” There were 122 entries. Harway received an engraved crystal trophy and a $200 cash prize. The judge was Sheila Packa, Duluth Poet Laureate (2010-2012).

Second: Victoria Keenan, Milwaukee, “Beaufort”

Third: Patricia Kilday, Oshkosh, “January Clothesline”

Honorable Mentions:

Joseph Engel, Kenosha

Mary C. Rowin, Middleton

Steve Tomasko, Middleton

2011 Muse Prize Results

The 2011 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was awarded to Jan Chronister, Maple. There were 76 entries. Chronister received an engraved crystal trophy and a $200 cash prize. The winning poem, “Selection,” was chosen by judge Shaindel Beers, whose first collection of poetry, A Brief History of Time, was published by Salt in 2009. She is currently working on her second collection for Salt, The Children’s War. Ms. Beers writes and teaches in the desert town of Pendleton, Oregon, but considers herself a Midwesterner at heart. For contest information, contact Muse Prize Committee Co-chair, Jane Osypowski, W972 Birchwood Drive, Campbellsport, WI 53010.

Second: Karen Loeb, Eau Claire, “A Tiny Village Due South of Guangzhou”

Third: Judith Zukerman, Madison, “Elberta Peaches”

Honorable Mentions:

Judy Kolosso, Slinger, “Farmer, Taster of Life”

Judith Harway, Shorewood, “Crows in the Last Elm”

Alice D’Alessio, Middleton, “Hallowe’en 2010”

Lisa Vihos, Sheboygan, “Dear X (after Bill Knott)”

2010 Muse Prize Results

The 2010 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was judged by Richard Terrill, whose new collection of poems is Almost Dark (University of Tampa Press). His previous books include Coming Late to Rachmaninoff, winner of the Minnesota Book Award; and two books of creative nonfiction, Fakebook: Improvisations on a Journey Back to Jazz, and Saturday Night in Baoding: A China Memoir, winner of the Associated Writing Programs Award for nonfiction. 27 non-members and 79 members entered.

First Place: Jeanie Tomasko, Middleton, “Until You Knew”

Second: Sherry Elmer, Hilbert, “Breathless”

Third: Susan Niemele Vollmer, Rice Lake, “Beauty Shop”

Honorable Mention:

1st HM: Mary Wehner, Fond du Lac, “Composition in Low Light”

2nd HM: Karl Elder, Howards Grove, “A Natural History of the Muse”

3rd HM: Jerry Hauser, Green Bay, “Street of the Grizzly Bear”

2009 Muse Prize Results

The 2009 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was judged by Robert Arnold. There were 143 entries which included 100 WFOP members and 43 non-members.

First Place: Michael Kriesel, Aniwa, “Hidden Snow”

Second: Candace Hennekens, Fall Creek, “The Distant Shore”

Third: Jeanie Tomasko, Middleton, “Little Lives”

Honorable Mention:

1st HM: Marilyn Taylor, Milwaukee, “Any Constellation”

2nd HM: Sandra Lindow, Menomonie, “Small Change”

3rd HM: William Charlesworth, Stockholm, “Puzzled Farm Boy Dies in Battle”

2008 Muse Prize Results

The 2008 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was judged by Linda Andrews. There were 162 entries, which included 107 WFOP members and 55 non-members.

First Place: Yvette Viets Flaten, “OK, here we go”

Second: Dennis Idzikowski, “Wisconsin Places”

Third: Judith Harway, “My Grandmother’s Babies”

Honorable Mention:

Thomas Erickson, “Ghazal for a Crow”

Anjie Greene-Martin, “Room in New York, 1932”

Gary Jones, “Snake in the Attic”

2007 Muse Prize Results

The 2007 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was judge by Barton Sutter. There were 124 entries, which included 84 WFOP members and 40 non-members.

First Place: Jeri McCormick, Madison, for “Flash Flood, 1939”

Second: Ann Arntson, Madison, for “Penmanship”

Third: Susan Johnson, Green Bay, for “The Chosen”

Honorable Mention:

Jacqueline West, Madison, for “Farmer’s Daughter”

David Blackey, LaCrosse, for “Library Reverie”

Charles Ries, Milwaukee, for “My Cat’s Human”

2006 Muse Prize Results

The 2006 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was judged by Marilyn Johnston. There were 150 entries which included 93 WFOP members and 57 non-members.

First Place: Judith Strasser, Madison, “Rote”

Second: Yvette Flaten, Eau Claire, “My Husband Buys a Rain Gauge”

Third: B. J. Best, West Bend, “owen gromme as a child watched canadian geese staging”

Honorable Mention:

Michael Kriesel, Aniwa, “Feathers”

Jeanie Tomasko, Middleton, “How to See a Fairy”

Karen Lindberg-Schuppe, Fond du Lac, “From Milwaukee to Baghdad”

Karen Kerans, Milwaukee, “Children in the Wind”

2005 Muse Prize Results

The 2005 Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry was judged by Robert Siegel. There were 116 entries which included 65 WFOP members and 51 non-members.

First Place: Sue DeKelver, Brussels, for “Medusa’s Story”

Second: Mary Wehner, Fond du Lac, for “The Full Car”

Third: Karen Lindberg-Schuppe, Fond du Lac, for “The Magician’s Wife”

Honorable Mention:

Alice D’Alessio, Madison, for “First Impressions”

Yvette Flaten, Eau Claire, for “Fish Tale”

Joan Wiese Johannes, Port Edwards, for “December Eccentric”

Karen Kerans, Milwaukee, for “To Smell a Chickadee”

2004 Muse Prize Results

Stellasue Lee, the editor of Rattle, was the judge. There were 143 entries, 77 members and 66 non-members.

First place: Judith Barisonzi, Fond du Lac for “Sisyphus”

Second place: F.J. Bergmann, Poynette, for “Uses of Metaphor”

Third place: Susan Cain, New Glarus, for “Just Beneath the Surface”

Honorable mention (in alphabetical order):

Kathleen Dale, Milwaukee, for “Tying the Knot”

Jackie Langetieg, for “Negative Ions”

Timothy Walsh, Madison, for “Gramercy Park”

2003 Muse Prize Results

Marian Haddad of San Antonio, Texas, was the judge. There were 155 entries, 90 members and 65 non-members.

First place: Ellen Kort for "Eating for my Sister"

Second place: Peg Lauber for "An Intimate Meeting with the Stripper"

Third place: Jason Splichal for "Deer Dance"

Honorable mention (in alphabetical order):

Suzanne Bergen

Cathryn Cofell

John Gurda

Joan Wiese Johannes

Kathleen Hayes Phillips

Robert Samarotto

Tom Torinus

Wendy Vardaman

2002 Muse Prize Results

Judged by Naomi Shihab Nye. There were 127 entries.

First Place: Dale Ritterbusch for "Vacation in Northern Wisconsin, 1940s"

Second: Mariann Ritzer for "Crawl Space"

Third: Norma Gay Prewett for "Grape Jellying at the End"

Honorable mention: (in alphabetical order):

Paula Anderson for "Nothing but Close"

Carrie B. Becker for "PREPARE"

Cynthia Belmont for "The House is the Horse's Mouth"

Lisa Marie Brodsky for "The Offering"

Cathryn Cofell for "The Distance Between"

Karla Huston for "Secret"

Ellen Kort for "Making Blackberry Jam with My Daughters"

Kristi Lee Link for "Bendita"

Doug Nietzke for "The Spoon with Holes"

Nadine St. Louis for "Poetry, You Say, Is Slow Talk"

Yvette Viets Flaten for "Before Air Conditioning"