Khristian Kay


I am an educator in K-12 where I specialize in Special Education with emphasis on behavior disorders and Autism; I am also a post secondary professor where I teach literature and critical thinking. I belong to a Wisconsin historical and philosophical research organization. I am a native of Wisconsin and have been writing since I could first put pen to paper.

I enjoy writing, I trend more towards socio-political endeavors and enjoy the structure of writing poetry. I have had three books published: Highway Tourette’s by proxy, I wouldn’t pay to hear you sing and The echo of rose petals, as well as several chapbooks including, Gringo’s, The furthering adventures of Sonny Baretoes, and Postcards from some asshole in Milwaukee. I am currently working on a project about Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads as well as a collection of Haikus tentatively titled The Motorcycle Haikus.

Highway Tourette’s by proxy – Sfumato Books (2005).
I wouldn’t pay to hear you sing – Badgrrl Press (2006).
The echo of rose petals – Sfumato Books (2012).

Everywhere I go is a train full of psychotic people (Puget Sound Navigator).
The fine art of seduction (End of the Line Press).
Life during peacetime (End of the Line Press).
Gringo’s (Morgan Press).
The furthering adventures of Sonny Baretoes (Morgan Press).
Postcards from some asshole in Milwaukee (Morgan Press).


Sorry about the Mess
for Kipp Walker

What is the purpose of all this?
Why subject you to this pandering meaningless
Meandering of my indulgences?
Why waste your time with this selfish
juxtaposition of caricature
Of character and style?
Is there a greater wisdom or purpose?
A verbose balm to soothe mental anguish?
Words of morality, a lesson, a truth, a story
Or just the exploitative excesses of immoral ambiguity?

The Perfect Christmas Poem

Six months into the first
war to end all wars
Some soldiers on
the Western front
Defied their orders
and crossed into
The wasteland
between the trenches
The Germans sung carols
The French brought wine
The Brits a football
They crossed language barriers
and created teams
traded cigarettes and rations
And played a friendly
game of football while
betting souvenirs
on their teammates
With a Camaraderie
demonstrating the likes
of Civility and Humanity
never known again since
Christmas Day, 1914

Home Truths

It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth
when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.
— H L Mencken

Let’s play truth or dare or just dare because
nobody tells the truth anymore
If what you seek is truth
The undisputed truth
You can find the truth
However you can’t see the truth standing in front of you
Face the truth -- the ugly truth
Is that you can’t handle the truth
Truth hurts, doesn’t it?
How about the truth this time?
The truth is
while you live tell the truth and shame the devil
Truth be told
only children and fools tell the truth.

The worst thing about being lied to
is knowing that you are not worth the truth
Fear the truth
for the truth will set you free
If the truth were known

All I ever wanted was the truth
The unvarnished truth
The Gospel truth
The naked truth
The bitter truth
But at the moment of truth
Bend the truth stretch the truth
The hardest thing about searching for the truth
is that sometimes you find it

Because the truth isn't far behind
For nothing could be further from the truth
Look into my eyes therein lies the truth
There must be a kernel of truth in there
somewhere a grain
because your eyes always tell the truth
You can run from the truth but you cannot hide
there is no escaping the truth
Tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth
but be economical with the truth 
because the greater the truth, the greater the libel

Sometimes, truth just isn't good enough
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction
When you have eliminated the impossible  whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth
And a lie told often enough becomes the truth
Ain’t that the truth!
And the truth will out

Honesty is the best policy
but there ain’t no truth in that