Get Involved! Become a VP

One of our VPs is retiring. A great opportunity to become more involved in poetry in your community.

Sandra Lindow in our West Central region is also retiring. If you are interested or know somebody who might be interested in becoming VP, please contact Sandra directly at

Regional VP Duties

Regional VPs get $200 yearly to promote poetry in their regions, which encompasses the following:

  • Gathering info on activities of your region’s members, like poetry readings and recent publications, and to relay this to our editor of the Museletter for weekly and quarterly distribution and web contact for inclusion on the web.
  • Giving a brief oral report on activities in your region at the conferences.
  • Attending board meetings at the spring and fall conference. (VPs are voting members of the board.)
  • Promoting WFOP in your region and communicating with your region’s members.
  • Helping to decide business via the Yahoo group chat room.
  • Hosting a conference every four years (program/speaker selection optional), including:
    • Designing and printing conference program;
    • Assembling volunteers for registration table & other duties.
  • Recruiting new members, distributing membership brochures, and organizing readings/critique groups. (VPs can give one free WFOP adult membership and one free student membership yearly in the interest of recruiting, to get people in the door that might not otherwise join.

inally VPs have an active voice in the many projects taken on by WFOP. You have a say in where the money goes and become a part of the powerful influence WFOP has in Wisconsin.