Emily Bowles

Email: emilybowles160@gmail.com
Website: http://embowlden.blogspot.com/

I am a poet, teacher, freelance journalist, crisis line volunteer, and non-profit management professional in Appleton.  I'm also a single mother who shares with my daughter a love of Emily Dickinson and all things unicorn.  

My work has been published as follows: Astarte's Romance and For Henet, A Pier (Word Curd), Bird Made of Metal and Bird, Not a Baby (Synaeresis), Her Hieroglyphs (Page & Spine), Osiris Dismembered (The Scene) and Contents of a Canopic Jar (The Ekphrastic Review).


Bird Made of Metal/Alchemy

Isis the alchemist has transformed me:
silver spinner, golden-limbed adhesion,
what’s broken becomes metallic, spidery
veins of ore tracing a map of lesions.

What he left behind was not fit for a
bennu bird’s birth.  Those ashes smoldering
deadened where they should have sparkled, mica
fooling everyone with its shimmering.

Those bones bent against glass, metal, and dust.
My bones, I forgot when I gathered his,
seeking coherence, meaning.  We discussed
how to hold her by her wings, the ibis.

Writing you, I needed Toth, a stylus.
Not to be feathered, flayed, tied by a truss.