Eileen Cecile


Eileen Cecile is a creative writer of poetry, songs, screenplays, fiction, and travel articles. She has worked mostly with non-profit organizations which led her to travel and live throughout the United States and also abroad. These days she works with Wisconsin state government where she has held the positions of Diversity Outreach Coordinator and Equal Opportunity Specialist. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin.


Personified Chameleon

My expression looks simple, blah, and plain
It only comes to life as it reflects others’ emotions

A living mirror of reactions;  a barometer of other’s moods
A personality in flux; dependent on independent tendencies

So if you’re up, then I’m happy
If you’re giggling, I’m smiling too
If you’re pensive, my face has a scowl
If you’re passionate, my eyes are glaring like fire
If you’re expounding, my head is nodding
If you’re bitter, my lips are pressed
If you’re secretive, I’m scrunched in to listen
And if you’re silly, I’m slouched over with my teeth hanging

No initiation on my own you can see
A reactionary mirror is what I’ve come to be

I rejoice when you rejoice; I’m sad when you’re sad

My own personality is left hanging in the wings
Undefined and underdeveloped
You’ll never know what I’m thinking & feeling & sensing because …….

Without another’s being to reflect

My expression is simple, blah, and plain

Sunset Ties

This evening as I sat under the beautiful sky at the Concert on the Square, I contrasted the peace and tranquility of Madison with the war and chaos of Beirut. As I sat there so idyllically, I realized that at this very moment others, on the other side of the world, were being bombed out of their very lives. Yet just a week ago, Beirut was no different than Madison.

Both had stunning sunsets.