Douglas Steele

Douglas Steele
219 West Howard Street
Portage, WI 53901

Doug Steele is a lifetime Wisconsin resident living in Portage.  His prose and free verse have been featured in numerous print and online publications including recently Maudlin House Magazine, Gambling the Isle, Straylight Literary Magazine, The Courtship of Winds, and Sediments Literary Arts Journal. Douglas was named "Poet of the Week" by Poetry for the week of February 15th 2016.  He is a media personality, broadcaster, member of the Pauquette Wordcrafters Group, and the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.  Doug’s recent chapbook Rivers, Streams, and Dreams was released in December 2015.  His work can be seen at  

Rivers, Streams & Dreams, Chapbook, 2015.


Heart Antiques

standing swaying
arm in arm in the aisle
(awkward) but true.
I feel like a smoke.
She, like a child.

IF the world was mine to give her,
at this moment I would…
She swirling, wearing a dusty ancient raccoon wrap,
I, jeans.

N (as in She’s Nancy) 25017
Highway 22
Columbia County
- The shop that tell beats my heart -

playwearing older’s worn
everythings from the rack.
I am neck k i s s e d.
Her (short warm air)
pulling my sincere ear
c l o s e r.

Lets get this hat, with the
black bird feather…says she

God, I love her smile.
My hands cup each
side of her glowingist Angelface
Gazing (again)
And so lost there…
I say yes.

To complete an unwanted

For the one she is so
in mind, body, and spirit,

my estranged,
yet still Angels mother,

waits by the door.

Rain Dance at Stand Rock

(I remember)
It was sunset at
The Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial
I left my seat with an invite to go on stage
At the hand of Pocahontas
Me at ten dancing with Big Chief Feather Head
All of us, pow wowing along doing the rain dance
Through the heavy smoke rings from the center circle fire

 (I remember)
The tum-tum tum tum of the drum
sliding my little bare feet to the beat
and free spinning from the beginning
as the rest of my new tribe guided me along
kicking up baby clouds of
red shore dust on the banks of
the Wisconsin River

(I remember)
I walked on my heels as taught
Lifted my arms asking nature to help
As Pocahontas rain danced and smiled
With ivory teeth and olive skin
Holding my hand as we swayed and stomped
She made me fall in love
in the sunset - as it began to mist…

(I remember)
As I sit in the soft rain watching my children
As they spin and stomp a sunset rain dance of their own
On the sidewalks in front of our home
I still hear the tum-tum tum tum tum-tum tum tum
Still taste the red clay dust
And forever hold Pocahontas soft hand
At the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial