Dave Scheler

7996 County Hwy. K
Cross Plains, WI 53528

David Scheler has been awarded several honorable mentions in writing contests and has poems published or forthcoming in several Wis. Poets’ Calendars, The Aurorean, Avocet and Ship of Fools. He writes in both French and English and reads publicly in Madison and around the state. He has conducted seminars at UW—Whitewater’s Creative Writing Festival for the past several years and enjoys working with and supporting the contributions and efforts of our new generation of poets. He loves the spoken word and hopes readers and listeners hear the music in his turns of phrase.

Casting for Meteors (Finishing Line Press, 2011) $14.00


What Nighttime Has Tasted

What a strange blanket
night leaves for the day:
earth’s morning light,
soft fabric of fog.

On her white bed
a comforter and pillow
in exploded array:
ice-feather crystals
pasted on windowpanes.

Departing from home
in dawn’s early glow,
what once was
now draped in a haze.

On frosted landscape
tan grass and black trees
glaze in a mist;
amorphous shadows,
silhouettes vanish:
where something once was,
now nothing.

First published in the Aurorean

Wolf Morning

Steam rises
on the flowage.
Early spring islands
appear large

then disappear
in the forest
of fleeting need.

Dew holds light
in frost—
a finger’s touch
releases it.

The sun breaks
where we approach,
then stop.

Her amber eyes
seize mine.

She slips back
into the silence
of her woods.

First published in the 2006
Wisconsin Poets' Calendar