D.H. Johnson


D. H. Johnston has been in the field of education for nineteen years. She enjoys cultivating young writers.                                   Her work has appeared in WFOP Calendar, Artist's Muse, Design Magazine, and Mailbox Magazine.


Oh, Gentle Traveler

As you make your way,
know my love is with you.
Be strong across broad water.
Journey the length of the great river.
Find me in the glow of each sunrise.
Feel my strength in the tall pine and
my tender kiss in buttercup and hyacinth.
May clear crisp winds surround you,
shelter you always.

On the First Line of a
     Poem by Lorine Niedecker

Something in the water. . .
    glistened with intensity,
    polished stones to perfection,
    from tiny drop to powerful wave.

Something in the water. . .
    baptized new life,
    cleansed original sin,
    from tiny drop, the power to save.

Something in the water. . .
    flooded rivers and streams,
    surged roads and houses,
    from tiny drop, a powerful wave.

Something in the water. . .
    entered household faucets,
    sickened thousands,
    tiny drop, too powerful to stave.

Something in the water. . .
    too powerful to name.