2014 Contest Results

2014 Triad


Judged by Nick Lantz from Huntsville, Texas, who received his MFA from UW Madison and is the author of the poetry collections We Don’t Know We Don’t Know, The Lightning That Strikes the Neighbor’s House and How to Dance as the Roof Caves In. 46 entries.

First Place: Angela Voras-Hills, “On My Way Home”

Second: Nancy Jesse, “Transportation”

Third: Sylvia Cavanaugh, “James Joyce as Interventionist God”


Judged by Jennifer Boyden, the author of two poetry books, including The Declarable Future, which won the Four Lakes Prize and was a finalist for the 2014 Oregon Book Award. She teaches in Eastern Oregon’s MFA program and at Whitman College. 52 entries.

 First Place: F.J. Bergmann, “Affective Disorder”

Second: Joyce M. Latham, “Drought: 2012”

Third: Richard Swanson, “Near-miss, Rural Highway”

 Honorable Mentions:

Yvette Viets Flaten, “One Month Before My Mother Died”

Maryann Hurtt, “Somebody’s Brother, Maybe”

Robert Nordstrom, “Mother’s Room—1974–1988


Judged by Christina Stoddard, the author of Hive (University of Wisconsin Press), which won the 2015 Brittingham Prize in Poetry. She lives in Nashville, TN and is the managing editor of a scholarly journal in economics and decision theory. 34 entries.

 First Place: David Scheler, “Camera Obscura”

Second: Estella Lauter, “How to Pray”

Third: Tori Grant Welhouse, “Wind Chimes”

Honorable Mentions:

David R. Clowers, “Epiphany”

Sylvia Cavanaugh, “Kaleidoscope: Glimpse of Vivian Maier”