2013 Contest Results

2013 Triad 


Joyce Sutphen—Minnesota’s 2nd Poet Laureate, succeeding Norbert Bly—judged the 74 entries in the theme contest. Her fourth collection, First Words, was published in 2010.

First Place: Janet Leahy, “A Long Way Down”

Second: Jeffrey Johannes, “Heating Up a Chilly Night”

Third: Liz Rhodebeck, “Night Air”

Honorable Mentions:

Lauren Shimulunas, “The Moving Man Told Her the House is Haunted”

Judy Roy, “Departure”

Jane Kocmoud, “Unfolding”


Jacqueline Jones LaMon, the 2011 winner of the Felix Pollak Poetry Prize, judged the 78 entries in the Poets’ Choice category.

First Place: Sister Irene Zimmerman, “Hunting for a Poem with Jane Kenyon”

Second: Karen Loeb, “In the Clay Factory I See Mao”

Third: F. J. Bergmann, “Daily Fire”

Honorable Mentions:

Marilyn Zelke-Windau, “Neopolitan”

Nancy Jesse, “The Nature of Memory”

Kenneth J. Zahorski, “Bottom Leavings”


Greg Wrenn, 2012 winner of the Brittingham Prize for Poetry, judged the 49 entries in the Kay Saunders Memorial New Poet contest.

First Place: Guy Thorvaldsen, “This Boy”

Second: Robert Nordstrom, “Witness”

Third: Sylvia Cavanaugh,  “Stone Boy of Appalachia”

Honorable Mentions:

Ann Penton, “Banned from Stage or Page”

Julia Rice, “Mary Oliver, How Can You”

Mary Hoeft, “Sitting Outdoors at Dusk ”