2001 Contest Results

2001 Triad


Judged by Barbara Smith; 71 entries.

First: Sherry Elmer for "Kissing The Bald"

Second: Barbara Larsen for "Sitting At The Art Fair"

Third: Annette Grunseth for "Cast Out The Line As Though Ya Been To Church"

Honorable Mention:

F.J. Bergmann for "Application for a Poetic License"

Mariann Ritzer for "Early Evening Prayer Of A Middle-Aged Woman Poet"

Nancy Jesse for "No Seizing of the Season"


Judged by Lori Stoltz; 82 entries.

First: Joan Johannes for "Opening Day"

Second: William McConnell for "Why We Called The Flower 'Power'"

Third: Jan Chronister for "Ruby Amaryllis"

Honorable Mention:

Marion Youngquist for "Soldier's Return—1946"

Liz Hammond for "Bayou Rhapsody"


Judged by Laurie MacDiarmid; 58 entries.

First: Jeffrey Johannes for "Testament"

Honorable Mention:

Mariann Ritzer for "Newlyweds"

Timothy Young for "The Moon Is A Red Eye"